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Arm tissue relaxes with age, gravity and weight loss. The

drooping of skin is from a stretching of the anchoring system of the arm and loss of supporting fat. Patients are very unhappy with this “loose hammock” appearance.

The Surgical Procedure

Brachioplasty (arm reduction surgery) can remove excess tissue and reduce the circumference of the upper arm. Liposuction alone may be sufficient for people with smooth skin and just a small amount of flab, but the arm lift procedure may benefit people with larger areas of fat underneath the arms, poor skin quality and sun-damaged skin.

Surgical correction depends on the amount of extra skin and how loose the supporting tissues have become. Extra skin is removed from incisions along the inner arm. The incision must be placed where the tissue can be best tightened but the incision must be well hidden as well. Many of our post-bariatric patients benefit from the armlifting surgery after massive weight loss causes the excess skin of the arms to hang down.

What To Expect After Surgery

The dressing around the arms may be extensive. You will need to protect the incisions after surgery. Limiting lifting is important. Elevation with pillows increases comfort.

Resumption of Physical Activities

Patients are back to work 2-3 weeks after this procedure.

Be careful not to lift heavy objects until 6 weeks after surgery.